Deposit Using Telkomsel And XL Load

Deposit Using Telkomsel And XL Load

utilizes the cheapest and most comprehensive bookies betting services where the trusted site of joker can be accessed easily even at an affordable cost, meaning you no longer need to spend a lot of money to start your favorite online betting game. This service comes equipped with interesting features in making transactions that use pulses for you Telkomsel and XL card users making it easier for many people to try to play. Joker118 is the best gambling service in Indonesia being the favorite choice of bettor and guarantees comfort with the cost of online gambling. Deposit credit is very affordable, even the quality of the service is proven to be more satisfying, so there is nothing to worry about because this service is ready to give something special and extraordinary.

The deposit itself becomes one of the requirements to start betting, where the bettor is required to top up his account credit through the online gambling process of deposit credit and the joker service opens a nominal depo with a minimum of IDR 10,000. For members of Telkomsel and XL card users Agen Casino Indonesia now even without an account you can top up deposits using credit on your card, considering that topping up can now be done anywhere. Depo charging via this pulse uses a variable rate, but you can check in advance what the current rate is. Unlike filling a balance through an ATM that might be inconvenient for you, the credit deposit service is the best alternative so you don’t need to queue up an ATM just to add a deposit.

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Another advantage is that you no longer have to worry about going offline and online banks, or when the bank you are using is in trouble or is having trouble, you can also use the credit deposit service as the best way so that you don’t miss a soccer game or game that you love.

How to Deposit Through Telkomsel and XL

How to top up an Online Gambling Deposit account using credit through the TELKOMSEL provider is as follows:

  • Enter the call menu on your mobile
  • Type * 858 * destination number * nominal transfer #
  • Press Yes / Call

Deposits can also be made via TELKOMSEL SMS by:

  • Type TPULSA (space) nominal transfer, send an SMS to the recipient’s number
  • Telkomsel service will send a confirmation SMS to you
  • Reply: YES and send
  • Telkomsel will send an SMS again which is a successful credit transfer
    Example: Destination number = 0813XXXXXXXX, with a nominal 50K.
    So to transfer credit, send an SMS to the number 0813XXXXXXXX with the contents of the SMS: TPULSA 50000

To fill a deposit using XL the following methods:

  • Type * 123 * 168 #
  • Enter the destination number
  • Enter Nominal Deposit
  • Press number 27 to confirm

and for SMS XL how to:

  • Type: Divide (space) The destination cell number (space) Nominal transfer send an SMS to 168
  • XL 168 will send a reply SMS to you to reconfirm
  • Reply: YES
  • XL 168 will give an answer Successful credit transfer.
    Example destination number is 0877XXXXXXXX, with a nominal value of IDR 100 thousand
    then send an SMS to 168: BAGI 0877XXXXXXXX 100000

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